The low-frills, high-fun way to play with your dog!

What is Urban Agility?

Urban Agility is the interaction between your dog's movement and the urban landscape. It is just like parkour for dogs. It is artistic, athletic, and makes use of the space around you.

I started "playing" urban agility because I was looking for a way to drain off excess energy from my young dog. It also had the side effects of building focus on me around distractions and increasing my dog's body awareness.

Later in my dog's life I got into competitive agility. This is a fun sport, but the need to purchase equipment and space or haul your own equipment around to parks means that this sport is not accessible to everyone with a dog.

Urban Agility is a game anyone can play with no big ticket equipment purchases, no one hour drives out to an instructor with the space and its great for high energy dogs who need to be on leash.

It is challenging both brain-wise and athletically and EVERYONE has an urban environment in which to play! Get started!